It is important to let the community know that we see you, we hear you and we support you. Here at Norwalk Toyota we use our resources to express acts of kindness in donating meals to our first responders.

Norwalk Sheriff Department:

We had the pleasure of feeding our local Norwalk Sheriff Department to thank them for keeping our community safe during these difficult times. This donation serves as a small token of gratitude on behalf of Norwalk Toyota, we are grateful for our local heroes!

Coast Plaza Hospital:

Norwalk Toyota took initiative to give back to our healthcare workers at Coast Plaza Hospital. Hospitals are experiencing the heat of this pandemic, so any chance to help show support is essential and necessary. Hopefully these meals brought relief to the healthcare workers and made their day a little brighter.

Cops & Coffee at Northgate:

Last week we got together with the city of Norwalk at Northgate Market to offer individuals a chance to speak and meet with local law enforcement to build closer relationships. We had several Northgate shoppers sign up for volunteer events while getting to know the Norwalk Sheriff Department. There was even a gift card giveaway to Northgate Market, as well as coffee and pastries!

August 15, 2020 - Back to School Headstart Project at Norwalk Toyota

Today we helped 100 families in need by providing school uniforms, socks, school supplies, Northgate gift cards and Norms gift cards. The families were pre-selected by the school districts based on their level of need. This was made possible thanks to $30,000 funding from Norwalk Toyota Dealership and Norwalk Foundation. We also want to thank Northgate Gonzalez Markets and Ensueño for their contribution to this event!

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